The wiki markup syntax for Ghilbert is based on Creole, but with some modifications to make it integrate better with the math content on the site. This page explains the syntax.

The source code is in It's heavily based on the markup module from the old Ghestalt codebase.

Basic markup

Section headers are a line of the form == Header == by itself. The number of equals signs can be from 2 to 6, indicating the level.

Bold is double **asterisks** and italics are double //slashes//.

Literal markup is triple braces, {{{like this}}}. They can be either inline or in a block.

A bullet list is made of lines beginning with *. A numbered list is the same but with #. Multiple levels are indicated by repeating the character. Similarly, blockquote is indicated by an initial : (colon).

Markup characters can be escaped with backslash. If needed, a backslash can be included with \\.

Math (in sexp form) can be enclosed in # characters, so #(-> ph ps)# is rendered (-> ph ps).


A basic wikilink is of the form [Wikilink]. There is no automatic wikification of CamelCase. URL's can also be linked, and a url with a title can be either of the form [title -> http://url] or [http://url | title].

The full path to a theorem can also be link text, so [peano/] is rendered peano/

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