Suggestion Box: The Evaluate Button

The suggestion box contains a button that can automatically evaluate many different kinds of expressions.

A proof will then be automatically generated that (+ (+ (* (10) (10)) (+ (* (6) (10)) (5))) (+ (* (4) (10)) (7))) /edit/peano/ The evaluate button works on many different operations. If you give it a true statement like (< (2) (4)), it will generate a proof that (< (2) (4)). If you give it a false statement like (< (4) (2)), it will generate a proof that (< (4) (2)) is false. Below are a list of theorems that were automatically generated using the evaluate button. The left side contains a link to each proof. The right side contains the expression you would type into the editor to generate that proof. Remember that you can use the Add button to help you enter in the formulas.

Numeric Calculations

Proving True or False Statements

Set Calculations


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